COVID-19 Pandemic Research Center

Working to reduce the burden of COVID-19

through a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to research, data and community.

Discovering data-driven answers

We’re finding out how the pandemic affects us all, and developing strategies to move forward.

Why and how does COVID-19 affect populations differently?

How can we reopen schools safely?

How does COVID-19 affect our healthcare workers?

Serving the scientific community

Our Survey Research Group and Data Science Initiative provide services such as:

- Descriptive epidemiology and disease modeling, including identification of disparities
- Identifying risk factors for infection, disease severity and worse outcomes
- Identifying the impacts of health policies and other relevant policies
- Developing and testing prevention approaches to improve protective behaviors

Working with community leaders

We’re partnering with service providers, policymakers, community leaders and other stakeholders in diverse communities to form a Community Advisory Board on emerging issues, research and outreach needs so that we can help by determining and facilitating impactful strategies and effective interventions.

Providing resources for all

The USC COVID-19 Pandemic Research Center aims to provide valuable research and education to both the public and scientific communities.

Let us know you would like to be informed of the latest findings and initiatives: